Why CitizenSafe?

We're the identity people. We offer simple and secure identity verification services that help you gain access to GOV.UK services.

We're proud partners of GOV.UK and the only name on the list that's 100% dedicated to online identity verification. That means your privacy is our priority.

Our Commitment

Identity verification is all we do. It's our passion.
Which is why we've been doing it since 2003 (a bit geeky, we know).

Simple forms


Our forms are straightforward, and we'll only ask you the questions we need to know.

Dedicated to identity verfication


We specialise in identity verification. Which means we know how to take the stress out of your online identity check.

Helpful assistance


We won't share your details with anyone, just the government department you need.

Our Technology & Security

We use advanced technology and security every step of the way.

Two-step authentication

Two-step Authentication

This stops someone else logging into your account, even if they have your password.

Save and return

Save & Return

Need to take a break or double check your details? You can save what you've entered at every step and come back to it later.

Advanced Encryption

Advanced Encryption

You can trust us to keep your personal details safe; your information can't be accessed or viewed by anyone else but us.

Stay tuned

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