What is a Personal Tax Account?

Personal Tax Account is a new HMRC system bringing all of your tax details into one place so that you can register, file, pay and update your tax information online at anytime.

In addition to the HM Revenue & Customs' (HMRC's) online tax account for businesses, which is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses to process taxes including PAYE for employers, VAT, Corporation Tax, and Self Assessment, HMRC have now also created the Personal Tax Account for individuals.


As easy as online banking, but for your taxes! 

Personal Tax Account will allow you to see details from your HMRC record and help you to manage your tax affairs more efficiently. You'll also receive secure messages to make sure that you don't miss any deadlines – it’s being compared to the ease and efficiency of online banking.

The revolutionary development is a new feature in the GOV.UK Verify system - a new online identity verification system currently in public Beta for several digital GOV.UK services, including Self Assessment tax returns and viewing or sharing driving licence information. 


Personal Tax Accounts are being phased in for people in the Self Assessment system.

Once you've set up your account using a certified identity provider, like CitizenSafe, you'll be able to check your tax code and estimate your Income Tax, update your address, apply for Marriage Allowance, give permission for someone else to help you with your tax details, or ask for permission to help someone else with their tax, all through your Personal Tax Account.


Self Assessment

Resources and support at your fingertips.

Personal Tax Account is currently in a testing phase called Public Beta, meaning that, once you’ve verified your identify, you can check and update some of your personal details, as well as update your expected earnings for the upcoming year and see how much tax you’ll need to pay, but you won't be able to make payments through this system yet. In additional, you’ll also be able to update details about company car, fuel or medical benefits.

It's worth highlighting that through this digital tax account system, it'll be easier to contact HMRC for help through virtual assistants and web-chat functions – which means you’ll no longer need to call HMRC and spend time on hold, waiting for some help.


A combined system for a simpler way to manage your tax payments.

As HMRC expands the functionality of the Personal Tax Account service in the upcoming weeks and months, you will also be able to view and update the details of other reliefs, allowances, dividends and benefits. It is expected that all small businesses as well as the first 10 million individuals will be able to access their digital account by April 2016.

When the system is complete (by 2020), you will no longer need to send off the same details to multiple different services because the information about your pensions, employment, PAYE codes, and savings income will all be brought together to calculate tax. This one-stop-shop will also give more than 50 million individuals, freelancers and small businesses the possibility to pay-as-you-go with their taxes, avoiding big one-off yearly payments and therefore making it easier to manage cash flow. Even better than that though, it means no more annual tax returns for the vast majority of taxpayers!


As a certified partner of GOV.UK Verify, CitizenSafe will be able to help you prove your identity to allow you to access your Personal Tax Account. Once verified, you will be able to use your CitizenSafe login to access all Government services, confident that we will keep your details safe and secure.


Try our CitizenTax App

We know that tax can be confusing at times, so to make your life a little simpler, we created the CitizenTax app for you to work out if you need to complete a Self Assessment, or calculate Inheritance Tax or your Net Salary. CitizenTax is available through iTunes and GooglePlay

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