Self Assessment in time saves fines

Figures released by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) show that as many as 890,000 people missed the deadline for filing their Self Assessment online at the end of January this year.


Are you one of the significant minority who didn't complete their Self Assessment in time? 

We know how life can throw up unexpected events that make getting important things like doing your Self Assessment tax return ticked off your 'to do' list - and sometimes it seems that no matter how much you plan on getting your Self Assessment done, before you know it, the year's flown by.

It goes to show that even a £100 fine from HMRC isn't enough to get people over the line in time. Even though further penalties are usually imposed after three, six and twelve months, many still don't get it done.

Generally, HMRC acknowledge that there are valid, serious reasons why people can't complete their Self Assessment on time. This includes the death of a partner, a hospital stay, computer or software failure, fire and postal delays.

However, this year HMRC have waived the late penalty entirely for those who can provide any 'reasonable' excuse for not filing their Self Assessment tax return on time. Which is good news for those who did indeed have a good reason, although we hope not one as serious as death or fire.

For example, you may have moved house and missed some vital correspondence from HMRC about filing your return or paying an outstanding fee.

So, in light of this year's leniency from HMRC, we've compiled a few of the more light-hearted excuses for not getting a Self Assessment done on time (though we're pretty sure these ones still wouldn't wash with HMRC).

Maybe you or someone you know can relate to some of them, so why not share?

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