How to claim tax refunds online

New online government services now provide you with a ‘fast track’ way to check your tax assessment and reclaim any refunds that HM Revenue & Customs might owe you. In this article we show you what you can do online and where to start.


Why might I be due a tax refund?

Millions of people every year become eligible for a repayment from the taxman – but many of them never claim the money they’re owed!

You should know you’re due a tax refund if:

  1. Too much tax has been taken from your pay
  2. You’ve stopped working
  3. You receive a pension
  4. You recently bought a life annuity
  5. HMRC received your tax return after assessing you
  6. Your tax code is wrong

 Tax Refund

How can I check my tax online?

If you’re employed and paying tax as you earn (PAYE), you may be able to claim a refund if you think too much tax has been deducted from your pay. HMRC have a really handy online tax checker that allows you to check how much tax you should be paying. If you’re being taxed too much, you should be able to reclaim overpayments for the current tax year, which runs to 5 April, for the previous four tax years.

Don’t worry if you’re self-employed because there’s also a tool for you. You can use the HMRC self-assessment ready reckoner to work out what your tax bill should be.


How soon will I get my tax refund?

If HMRC have corrected the tax code for your current PAYE employment and you’re due a refund, your refund will turn up in your weekly or monthly pay. If you’re no longer with that employer, you’ll receive a cheque from HMRC.

If they find you were overcharged tax in a previous tax year, HMRC will mail you a P800 tax calculation, usually by the end of July, normally followed within a couple of weeks by a ‘payable order’ cheque for the refund that you can pay into your bank. You can also apply for your refund to be sent to someone else that you’ve nominated to receive the money, such as a ‘trusted helper’. You can do this online, after you’ve verified your identity with GOV.UK and CitizenSafe.

If you think you’ve paid too much tax but you’ve not had a P800 or need a refund sooner, don’t be afraid to make a claim to HMRC for previous tax years. Just remember you need to claim within four years of the end of the tax year in which you were overcharged.


Get started with CitizenSafe

Before you can claim your tax refund, you’ll need to verify your identity with GOV.UK and CitisenSafe.  Simply answer a few questions and provide GOV.UK with some personal information and then select CitizenSafe as your certified company, so we can confirm you are who you say you are.

It’s a secure service and helps to prevent online identity theft. Also, once you’ve completed it once, you won’t have to complete it again. Just click the link below and you’ll be on your way:

Claim your Tax Refund on GOV.UK

Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll be given direct access to the online resources that will help you check your tax – as well as access to a wide range of online government services!  

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