Press Release: CitizenSafe the most helpful GOV.UK Verify partner

Specialist Identity Company CitizenSafe Partners with GOV.UK Verify

CitizenSafe now provide secure identity checks for users of online government services

The Government's new public portal, GOV.UK Verify, requires you to have your identity checked by a third party provider before you can use government services online. Out of eight partner companies, only one, CitizenSafe, is wholly dedicated to identity verification.

Currently, you can access a number of services through GOV.UK Verify, including completing your Self Assessment tax return, checking your Driving Licence record, and applying for the State Pension or Marriage Allowance. To use these services and more, the Government needs to know you are who you say you are and not someone trying to steal your identity online.

By using a third party identity verification company like CitizenSafe to check the identity of online users, GOV.UK can ensure better security and reduce the risk of identity fraud. That's because members of the public won't have all their personal information stored in one place. CitizenSafe will only hold the information it needs to check the user's identity, and the government department will only have the information it needs to provide its service. 

Members of the public who choose CitizenSafe to run their identity check can be further assured that their information is safe online because the company uses advanced encryption to store personal data. And with 16 years' experience in identity verification, CitizenSafe knows how to keep the process as simple and straightforward as possible.

The company also provides useful information and tools to registered users. These include an innovative tax app that helps you calculate your income tax and tells you if you may need to complete a Self Assessment tax return. You can also find useful tips and guides about using GOV.UK services on the CitizenSafe website,

As more government services go live on GOV.UK Verify, the CitizenSafe name will become better known. It's the company’s goal to help all members of the wider community access GOV.UK services and ensure their personal information and identity are kept secure online.

For more details please contact:
Suzy Lennox
Phone: 01244 657 348

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