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The State Pension and you

Big changes in the State Pension are underfoot. What does this mean for those who have reached and those who are yet to reach retirement age?

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How do I apply for the State Pension?

You can now apply for the State Pension online through GOV.UK Verify. CitizenSafe is here with useful tips and advice to make applying that little bit easier.

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Understanding the new workplace pension scheme

Before 2012, it was up to employees to decide if they wanted to join their employer's pension scheme. In 2012 however, a law was introduced that meant all employers will need to automatically enrol all eligible employees into a workplace pension scheme by 2018. The will make sure that many more people are saving towards their retirement needs.

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Why CitizenSafe?

We're a proud partner of GOV.UK Verify and are dedicated to providing straightforward and secure identity checks. In fact, it's all we do. So you can rely on us to make your privacy our priority.

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So how does it all work?

To get your identity verified with GOV.UK Verify, you'll need to select a reliable, dedicated and certified company to run your checks. That's us. Simply register securely with CitizenSafe, answer a few questions about yourself, and provide us with documents to prove you are who you say you are. You’ll then be able to access GOV.UK services as many times as you like with your CitizenSafe username and password. Our service is simple and straightforward. And we'll keep your personal information under lock and key.

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