Online gaming

After the initial on-boarding of a Customer many companies rely on a password to re-authenticate a user each time they come back to their service.  Rigorous KYC processes are typically replaced with an 8-digit code that could be compromised at any time making account take-over fraud a very real problem costing the Gaming sector tens of millions every year. 

With CitizenPass we provide a genuine alternative to the password by allow Companies and their Customers to create a digital identity that is much more secure and easier to use.  Instead of a password the user simply clicks a button, verifies a mobile phone notification with their fingerprint and logs into your service.  You can now have a much higher confidence that the Customer logged in is the same Customer that passed your KYC check initially.

This process doesn’t just work for websites either, it can be used to replace security questions when a Customer phones your call centre to ask about their balance or make a transfer.  Instead of a series of security questions the call handler could instead click a button which would ping a notification to the Customers phone which can be verified with a finger print that gives the call handler a quick and trusted indication they are speaking to the right person.

CitizenPass is optimised for the mobile world where passwords and long sign-up forms are a thing of the past.  Utilising blockchain technology to de-centralise our solution CitizenPass is a product that will be constantly evolving to keep pace with a quickly evolving market which will help future proof your business.  Gaming is often at the forefront of online innovation and this new form of user re-authentication fits perfectly into that model.

Remove the worry of how to prevent account takeover via weak, compromised passwords and talk to us about CitizenPass today to add a more secure and customer friendly re-authentication process through-out your business.