Allowing quick customer on-boarding whilst ensuring the KYC and AML checks are all done is essential in the e-commerce world and with baskets being abandoned around 68% of the time, it is a huge issue. 

With CitizenPass Customers can on-board with a single press of their fingerprint on their phone whether they are on desktop, tablet or mobile greatly reducing the friction it takes to register for a new e-commerce service.  From there, each return visit and subsequent purchase from a store or app can be re-authenticated quickly and easily using CitizenPass without the need for passwords which can be compromised and/or forgotten.

CitizenPass can be completely customised to your requirements and used only where you see the largest benefits. So that might be on every login, or maybe just on purchases over £10 or £50 for example, you set the limits based on your own risk profile.

Utilising blockchain technology to de-centralise our solution CitizenPass is a product that will be constantly evolving to keep pace with a quickly evolving market which will help future proof your business.

Remove the worry of how to prevent account takeover via weak, compromised passwords and talk to us about CitizenPass today to add a more secure and customer friendly re-authentication process through-out your business.