The power of blockchain has powered the ability for crypto-currencies to exist, now accompany that with the identity layer that is required to ensure the transactions that are occurring are from the person you think they are by using CitizenPass.

Most crypto-currency companies will be performing some kind of KYC and AML checks either electronically or via a manual process but only on the initial customer on-boarding.  For returning Customers either just a password is relied on, or clunky two-factor authentication methods such as SMS messages with codes that need to be typed in are used.  With CitizenPass we can provide an end-to-end on-boarding and then re-authentication solution that is more secure yet also improves the Customer experience.  We can do this by using the initial on-boarding verification to create a digital identity which can be downloaded into a mobile app and then re-authenticated by a press of their finger print each time they login to your website or process a payment.

CitizenPass uses Blockchain technology to decentralise the solution so the security of the digital identities we create will not be compromised.  Each user will have control of their identity making the hacking of millions of accounts at once forcing password resets on masse across the globe a thing of the past.

Remove the worry of how to prevent account takeover via weak, compromised passwords and talk to us about CitizenPass today to add a more secure and customer friendly re-authentication process through-out your business.