Any Service

CitizenPass can be used in a whole variety of situations for regulated and unregulated markets.  Whenever there is a requirement to have a level of assurance that a Customer is who they say they are, whether it be on initial on-boarding or the 100th time they have logged in, then relying on a password alone is known to be a risky method of doing so.  Millions, no billions of username and password credentials have been lost over the years and whilst your website may not have been affected directly, it is common for login credentials to be re-used putting your Customers at risk.

This dated reliance on passwords can all be replaced with the re-use of a verified identity that is tied to an individual’s mobile and protected via encryption, their biometric and also blockchain technology.  This is what sits behind CitizenPass as well as the company GBG plc and its 30+ years of managing identity data and the ability to verify over 4 billion people across the globe.

Whenever a user needs to re-authenticate themselves with a product or service don’t rely on passwords or security questions, we need to evolve beyond this and use the latest technologies which give an added layer of security and improved customer experience – that is why we have built CitizenPass and it will revolutionise how you re-authenticate your Customers forever.