Age-related regulation

Age verification has been regulated for a number of markets such as gaming but this trend is set to continue as further regulation looks to protect under 18’s and even under 13’s from harmful content online. 

With CitizenPass we are already building a method of attribute exchange that doesn’t require a complex identity verification, but has trusted attributes which can be exchanged at the press of a fingerprint on a mobile device.  So for the first time to verify a Customer asking for ID documents and performing a full identity check isn’t required to obtain their age information.

Of course, for regulated markets the existing methods of identity verification will persist and the audit trails of these verifications will still need to be recorded.  However, what CitizenPass allows is a future-proof solution that puts the customer in control of their identity and allows them to share whatever they want with each service they access.  This is one of the potential evolutions in the identity space and it opens up a whole new world of opportunity whilst also protecting under 18s from harmful content online.

We’re excited to be pioneering technology in this space which caters for today’s requirements, but is also looking 5-10 years out to ensure our Customers are well prepared for the next evolution of identity.  If you want to be part of the future of identity, then get in touch and we can see how CitizenPass could work for you