Your login to GOV.UK

Unfortunately CitizenSafe is no longer available to access government services.

If you want to create a GOV.UK Verify account to access government services you must select a government service and then choose an alternative certified company to verify your identity.

How it works

If you registered for a CitizenSafe account, we previously contacted You to make You aware that You could sign into government services using your existing CitizenSafe® account until 28 February 2019. Since that time, we have closed Your account and Your personal information has been deleted from CitizenSafe® which means Your personal information cannot be accessed by You or any other third party using or attempting to use the CitizenSafe® service. When we deleted Your personal information we retained audit information which shows what we did when You made Your original application for the purposes of the security and retention requirements of the CitizenSafe® contract with Government Digital Services. The audit information, which does not contain any of Your personal information, is kept for a period that You were registered with CitizenSafe® and for a further period of 7 years after that point.