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As government services shift to digital, you will need to verify your identity through GOV.UK. Our simple and secure service makes this happen.

How it works

CitizenSafe are a GOV.UK Verify certified company

Government services are moving online and to access them you will need to have your identity checked by a GOV.UK Verify certified company

How it works

Putting you in charge

Select the service you need on GOV.UK

Putting you in charge

Click on 'Sign in with GOV.UK Verify'

Putting you in charge

Choose CitizenSafe

Putting you in charge

Verify your identity with IDs

Login to many other services on GOV.UK

Old way (takes up to 10 days)

Registering used to take over 10 days, with different document and passwords for each government service

Old way (takes up to 10 days)

New way (takes 10 minutes)

With CitizenSafe you can register to use many government services in less than 10 minutes with just one login

New way (takes 10 minutes)

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Why CitizenSafe?

We are specialists in Identity Verification, with over 15 years of experience and are the only dedicated UK based certified company. We will help you to prove your identity to access government services as quickly and simply as possible, while keeping your identity and personal information safe.

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Key Facts

  • icon login multiple

    One login to multiple GOV.UK services

    It takes less than 10 minutes to verify your identity, once registered you will be able to access government services in seconds.

  • icon verification

    Identity verification expert

    CitizenSafe is the only dedicated UK based Identity Verification Provider certified by the government. With over 15 year of experience, we will verify your identity quickly & easily.

  • icon secure

    Safe & Secure

    We use advanced encryption techniques to make sure your information is protected at all times.

  • icon certified

    A GOV.UK Verify certified company

    We use the highest security and identity assurance standards approved by the Cabinet Office to make sure your privacy and data are safe and sound. CitizenSafe is also completely free to use!

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